Better website. Better business.


What is happening?

Let’s start with Security. The internet is a much different
place from when you set up your website. We need better
protection against random attacks, roving bots, malware,
viruses etc.

We’re moving to a bigger better safer way to do things.

A new server and new software called WordPress.

Its a safer, easier, more flexible, modern, functional, more beautiful way to have a website.  


We’re doing all of this because we have to be more
competitive. We want more clients, more business, ideally
we want visitors all year round, and we are operating in a
shark tank environment. We’re also little and in this
particular environment, little can be a very good thing. If you
know how.

So this changeover provides us the infrastructure to do what we really want to do,which is attract more clients.  


Let me tell you this clearly and plainly, you can double your
business next year if you follow this marketing plan.And it will cost you less than what you pay now for ONE
magazine/map ad.

Of course you’re going to have to do some
work (nothing is free right?) but tourism is the best industry
for connecting with people online.

How are we going to do this?

You’ve probably wanted to get in on this online advertising
thing for a while now but you needed some guidance. I hear
you. The internet can be a wild place. Now is your time.

I can help you out with some good sources of inspiration and
help as I’ve sorted through and shortlisted some of the best.

Searching through hundreds of websites and tourism industry papers,best practice shows that these are the elements you need for success.

  •  1. A Modern Looking Website with Online Booking
    capability and a CMS (easy way to edit content)
  • 2. Good photos
  • 3. An organic search engine strategy or SEO strategy
    (rankings don’t happen by accident)
  • 4. A paid search engine strategy: Google Adwords for Search
  • 5. Email Marketing
  • 6. Social Media Strategy

Get a Jumpstart.

To get you started getting more visitors, I am offering a
jumpstart package where I will do some of the above
marketing for you for three months. But more on that in
another email.

It all begins with the right infrastructure so lets keep it
focused and do the website refurbishment.


In other words
you will have a modern professional website, ready to do
business in today’s online market.


The Details.

What are you going to get?

  • You get a brand new website.
  • Modern look. Choose your theme and design.
  • Mobile ready website. The best designs are “responsive“, designed to automatically adjust their layout to look good on multiple devices: smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.  With 60% of all internet traffic now on mobile,its just silly not to be mobile ready.
  • You get access to  add and edit your information easily. You need to change your prices? Add a Special Promotion? Put up some new photos? Add some news? Easy. Done. No need to call me.
  • Add your facebook posts to your website. Yes. Just post on
    facebook and its on your website.
  • Accept bookings on your website.  Now this is very
    important. Over 60% of visitors to your website are there to check pricing, availability and make a booking. 34% of those are outside of normal business hours. So who’s getting the booking? Do you still require visitors to buy a  draft and mail it to you to confirm a booking? You’re  losing business. Plain and simple.
  • Set up, monitor and track your online results. You can see
    who’s visiting your website and what they do when they get there.
  • You on Trip Advisor? (You really should be) Add your
    badges and get reviews right from your website and reviews are very important. Make it easy for your visitors to leave one.
  • Need a Paypal button to accept payments? Done.

The cost of all this loveliness and functionality? $1800 TT

Please note:The renewal of your domain name and your
hosting fee remains unchanged and still due and payable on
February 1st 2015.

This is a very good deal. A quick check will show you that
your own hosted WordPress site with this functionality will
cost you above $1000 US!

How Much Does A Small Business Website Cost in 2014?

So this is my very special price to you my loyal customers
and in fact I ask you not to reveal this to new clients as this is
not the price I will be quoting to the public.

Use the Comment Box below and add your name and
 message to accept this offer so we can get started. Your comment will not be visible.

Please NOTE carefully.

When your current contract with me expires in January 2015 your existing website will cease to function. Only WordPress sites will be hosted. So contact me whether you convert or not as you will have to make alternative arrangements for another website.

Yes, payment plans are happily accepted.

Lets just Do this and Done.

I’m ready! Reply using the box below.





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